After years of studies and numerous plants built, BG Plast has reached a high level of quality and become a reference for those wishing to enter in this type of production.

BGBoard 2200 is a line for the production of multiwall sheet made of PP homopolymer / copolymer useful with 2200 mm. The peculiarity of the line is the type of extruder: for the first time in the world it has been used a twin-screw counter rotating extruder with screw diameter of 125mm to produce PP Hollow sheet!

Thanks to the peculiarities of this extruder it is possible to obtain a higher production rate with all type of thickness of sheet without degrading too much the polymer, with a significantly lower consumption of the plant (almost 1 / 3 less than the installed capacity just for 'extruder!). A further update was done in the calibration unit, fully automatic, with opening and closing automatic fine adjustments in a range decimals.