For a long time any attempt to obtain PC sheet under 0.8 mm thick was hindered by the difficult task of the process involved. Since the market required such application, BG Plast engineering team concentrated their efforts in order to produce a calender able to make calibrated sheet of optic quality having 0.5 mm minimum thickness.

This was made possible using strong rolls with high closing force and an exceptional control of thermoregulation flow rates.
After the calendering stage the PC sheet, co-extruded with an anti-UV layer, passes through a controlled softening oven before entering the shaping stage which consists in a metal alloy rolls stack. Rolls are thermically controlled and shaped according to the contour design required for the sheet.

The shaping assembly can be easily dismounted to allow a prompt substitution of the rolls. The line is completed with a special haul off unit, easily adaptable to the different sheet contours, and a cut-off group with automatic stacker which facilitates placing the sheets on suitable platforms, ready for shipment.