Polywood is a manufacturing patented process, studied and developed by BG Plast engineering team through the years.

Polywood process combines wood sawdust with a polymer resin blend to produce sheets of various thicknesses and lengths. These materials are processed in one or two extruders by co-extrusion, followed by a calendering stage of extreme precision in terms of width and thickness. Percentages of materials used vary depending on the mechanical features required for the final application. The usual ratio is 50-50 although it is possible to reach even 80% wood sawdust and 20% polymer. Polymer used is in most cases regenerated polypropylene, an economical advantage of this process.
Besides several applications in building and packing fields, the product is largely used also by the automotive industry. Almost all car manufacturing companies choose Polywood to manufacture the car doors, this because Polywood sheets can be thermoformed and coupled with a non woven layer which gives the surface a high quality finish.

A further advantage of Polywood is that it can be recovered. As a matter of fact, once milled and ground to fine particles it is possible to reuse it 100% for similar applications.