Special application

Complete plants for the production of unique special materials

Qualità ottica

Optical quality sheet

The main extruder with bimetal barrel and coated screw is specifically designed to process Polycarbonate (also PMMA, PET-G, GPPS, SAN).

Profili ondulati

Corrugated profiles

BG Plast has designed a calender, to produce a calibrated optical quality sheet with a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm. This is possible thanks to extremely robust cylinders with an internal high flow circulation system for the thermoconditioned fluid.


& T-Grip liners

A technology for the production of HDPE sheets (with T-Grip or V-Stud) for use in concrete structures, which guarantees perfect anchoring.

Membrana bugnata

Dimpled sheet

Dimpled waterproofing and drainage membrane. Ideal for protecting foundations and walls of underground floors from moisture.

PVC rigido soft espanso

PVC foamed, rigid, flexible

As well known, PVC is a particularly difficult polymer to process. In fact, certain indispensable rules must be strictly followed during the design phase, in order to achieve maximum system efficiency.

Estrusione di PET

PET foils

BG PLAST has developed a single-screw extruder which can guarantee the production of a high-quality sheet through

a multiple dosing unit for flakes, virgin and/or masterbatch.

Lastre con fibre organiche


Polywood is a compound consisting of wood sawdust and polymer, used to produce sheets of different thicknesses and widths.

Prodotti accoppiati

Carpet coating


There are several options for laminating plastics with fabrics of all kinds, e.g. non-wovens, carpets, natural fibers, etc.

Nastri trasportatori

Conveyor belts

BG Plast has been particularly successful in the last years in the field of TPU-based conveyor belt lines, both coextruded and monolithic.

waterproof roof membrane

Waterproof roof membrane

BG PLAST is one of the technology leaders in the production of waterproof polymer roofing membranes for waterproofing flat roofs. In particular, offers complete lines for the production of TPO membranes, which are currently the most advanced solutions of this type on the roofing market.